Collection: Nagelberg

Nagelberg, a distinctive brand of handbags and leather goods, takes pride in its meticulous craftsmanship. With its small yet exquisite collections, Nagelberg consistently delights customers by blending functionality with bold statements and originality, all within an elegant rock and roll ambiance. My name is Shani, and I am the designer behind these creations. From conceptualizing the bags to selecting the finest leathers and accessories, I personally oversee every aspect of the production process, including cutting and sewing each strap and bag. Fashion is my passion, and I find inspiration in a myriad of sources: climbing ropes, scissors, boat sails, fishing nets, distressed denim, tousled hair, concrete, wood, and intriguing color combinations encountered along my journey. Rest assured that every Nagelberg piece you own will become a cherished and loyal companion.